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About Zhucheng Honest Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd
We specialize in potato chips frozen French fries process machines.
Zhucheng Honest Industry and Trade, Co., Ltd (Zhucheng Huihai Machinery Co., Ltd) is a famous food processing equipment manufacturer in China.
Vacuum fryer, Vacuum cooler, Freeze dryer and IQF (Individual quick frozen) Air Blast Freezer are the latest.

Vacuum packaging machine, MAP Packaging Machine, Heat pump dryer, Sausage making machine, smoker oven, steam jacketed kettle, electric steam generator, and Inflatable packaging machine are our features machine.

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In 2020, the two standards of "Automatic Food Quick Freezing Production Line" and "Food Vacuum Freeze Drying Equipment" drafted by our company passed the review of "China Food and Packaging Industry Association", laying a good foundation for the standardized development of the food machinery industry.

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