A Short Review On Vacuum Frying-A Promising Technology For Healthier And Better Fried Foods

Vacuum fried products contain lesser oil content, but this is not only the single health benefit of vacuum fried products. Lower operating temperature during vacuum frying; reduce 94% of acrylamide formation in potato chips. Acryl amide is recognized as a potential carcinogenic compound found in fried snacks, which is formed by the Maillard reaction.


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A Short Review on Vacuum Frying-A Promising Technology for Healthier and Better Fried Foods


From [International Journal of Nutrition and Health Sciences Volume 1 Issue 2 June 2017]

Vacuum frying is developed method of conventional frying method under low pressure and low temperature, which improves the quality, attributes of fried food products. This technology is gaining popularity in modern days due to recent research findings establishing the relationship between conventional fried food consumption and human health problems. Vacuum frying on the other hand proves to be a better and healthier alternative option than conventional frying. Objective of this review paper is to provide the reader, comprehensive information about the basics of vacuum frying technology, recent research updates and possible research gaps. India being the leader of fruits and vegetable production, fails in adequate food processing/preservation due to inadequate storage infrastructure, incurring huge post-harvest losses every year. Vacuum frying process may be adopted as a method of food preservation or new product development, by overcoming the research gaps and proper commercialization of the technology in small as well as in large industrial scales.