A Crisp Fruit-Vegetable Chips Process With Vacuum Frying

A crisp fruit-vegetable chips process with vacuum frying is brief introduced, it is quick freeze process is necessary before vacuum frying in particular.


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A Crisp Fruit-Vegetable Chips Process with Vacuum Frying

1. Materials

Commercially available sweet potatoes and apples, no decay, no deterioration and food additive.

2. Key points of process operation

2.1 Slicing

Sweet potatoes have tightly texture, slice thickness is of 1.5 to 2.5 mm;

Loose tissue apples, slice thickness are recommended of 2.5 to 3.5 mm;

All must be with smooth the surface.

2.2 Color-preserving

All slices are recommended to be marinated in the brine immediately in order to prevent browning.

2.3 Blanching

Blanching can not only kill some microorganisms, but also destroy the activity of browning. Consider the non-enzymatic Browning, it is also recommended to add 0.1% citric acid during blanching.

2.4 Pre-treatment

Vacuum seasoning is option.

2.5 Quick freezing

The moisture of these slices is over 90%. The ice crystals formed are extremely small when an air blast quick freezing process is applied.

When frozen fruits and vegetables chips are fried and dehydrated, the water can be rapidly and uniformly sublimated from the original fine ice crystal state to water vapor, so that the internal flesh can form a uniform and delicate micro-hole mechanism. More crispy taste is available.

Air blast temperature:-35 ℃

Freezing time is 15 to 20min

Central temperature of frozen chips : -18 ℃

2.6 Vacuum frying and de-fating

Vacuum frying is a low fat deep frying process. It is easier to maintain natural colors and flavors of the finished fried snacks with no acrylamide content.

Vacuum degree: 0.095MPa

Frying oil temperature: 95 ℃

Vacuum frying time: 40min

Centrifugal De-oiling@ 600 rpm,5 min